Why as a pro-life supporter, I’m voting for a pro-choice candidate

As a former South Dakotan and now current Minnesota resident, a public school educator, and a pro-life Christian, from womb to tomb, I will say this about this lovely political season we are now living through:

If you’re just going to comment and say I’m going to hell, save it…

How our most recent generation is dealing with a life of inter-connectedness and living life on the edge

Today’s students are some of the most technologically savvy and globally connected kids on the planet… and yet, this generation is also one of the most disconnected generations ever.

Between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, our students have the world at their fingertips, and yet, families are more disconnected than…

How our students of color lack opportunity, not education, and how those tests reflect it.

Every fall and spring, our students file into their classrooms and sit in front of iPads or laptops to face state standardized tests. These tests assess everything from reading to math to science proficiency.

Some would argue we are testing our students to death.

Others would argue we aren’t assessing…

From giving away $6 million to bankrupt in 2 years: what went wrong?

In late August of 2017, the social media game show, HQ, suddenly appeared in iOS app stores across the globe with Android soon following. What was a brainchild of the creators of Vine, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll, quickly became an internet and social media sensation.

But oh, how the…

Lessons from Ellie Krug, a transgender lawyer, about compassion and inclusivity for the world.

I settled into my chair, an uncomfortable blue folding type that threatened to collapse under me, and I glanced around the room as the speaker approached the stand.

Sitting in a gymnasium with 50 or so fellow staff and support team members, we had been briefed about this training day.

And I think I’ll be forever changed by what I saw.

I grew up in Trump’s America, before it was Trump’s America.

Trump’s America looked a little different, but at the end of the day, it was all the same.

I moved away from this America, and I’ve been away for quite a long time.

I’ve grown jaded, grown bitter, grown…

Mallory Joy

Mallory is a former expat and travel aficionado. She's a teacher, a blogger, and a microbrewery lover. She lives in the midwest with her husband and Lab puppy.

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