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Why as a pro-life supporter, I’m voting for a pro-choice candidate

Mallory Joy
6 min readOct 5, 2020

As a former South Dakotan and now current Minnesota resident, a public school educator, and a pro-life Christian, from womb to tomb, I will say this about this lovely political season we are now living through:

If you’re just going to comment and say I’m going to hell, save it. I know that my soul is kept safe by the One who transcends borders, time and political parties.

For those of you who consider yourselves evangelical Christians, I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t belong to the Republican party. Nor does he belong to the Democratic party. Nor would I think he would tell us that many of the things that the Democrats are focus on are wrong — heck, He speaks about helping the poor, the immigrant, the women and those society has simply forgotten.

Please don’t say I couldn’t be a Christian if I didn’t/don’t vote for Trump. I’m pretty sure my salvation isn’t tied to my vote.

Also, enough about voting for a single issue. There is SO much more at stake, particularly for women, now that RBG is gone. All those inroads that she made for women and equity could easily be gone in an instant now that her voice is gone in SCOTUS.

But besides that…. here are a few reasons why I’m NOT voting for Trump, again. I wasn’t open in 2016, and I wish I had been more vocal about why I didn’t vote for him.

As someone with major medical bills and a spouse who has chronic pain, our healthcare system is broken. We hemorrhage money every year, just to keep coverage and pay our bills, and that’s with employer insurance! I had two back injuries that both were unexpected that cost us THOUSANDS out of pocket WITH insurance.

I recognize this next point is going to ruffle feathers, but I feel like it has to be said. The wealthy in our country aren’t taxed enough, and it’s people like myself and others who are barely in the low to mid-working class income bracket who are carrying the load.

I’m not asking for those who are blessed financially to pay for everything. I recognize the hard work that your families have put in, but at least, please pay your d*** fair share. The tax bracket is so skewed toward the rich staying…



Mallory Joy

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