Why Jamie Fraser Is The Man We All Want But Can Never Have

But why the archetype found in the story is something we all need.

Mallory Joy


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I did it. I succumbed. I had avoided it for so long… that “Outlander” thing that everyone was raving about.

… And I’m so glad I finally caved.

Words can’t express my newfound obsession with this story.

My husband teases me that it’s because every woman loves a time-traveling love story… and perhaps it’s true, but I really do find myself enthralled with the characters, the setting, and the plot.

I fell in love with Jamie Fraser from the first moment we met him (both in the book and in the Starz TV series).

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His character is rough on the outside, while buttery-soft on the inside. He is faithful and loyal to a fault. He is everything a man should be: protective, strong, and true. His thoughtfulness and his ability to calm and comfort the people around him is noble.

His Scottish brogue is enough to make me woozy, and his fiery red hair makes me appreciate my own red hair a little bit more.

It was no surprise then how quickly Claire fell for him, despite having her heart torn between Jamie and her husband, who was still on the other side of the stones.

(*Warning: There may be spoilers past this point… read on with caution.)

Why We All Love Jamie Fraser

Photo Credit: Starz

Goodness knows, I’m not sure we could count all the reasons why we love the red-haired, swoon-worthy Scot.

Look online and the number of fan sites is jaw-droppingly large. Jamie Fraser has officially become the man we all want.

There’s erotica based on Outlander, there’s countless numbers of women proposing to Sam Heughan (who plays Jamie Fraser on the show), and there’s just a ridiculous amount of press surrounding…



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